Friday, October 31, 2008

Why Did God Create Satan

Q: Okay, if God is all-good, why did he create Satan? I mean if God is good, how can evil things happen in the world that He created? How can evil come from something that is pure goodness?

A: When God created Satan he was not yet evil, but a good angel. God gave the angels free will; He wanted them to choose Him freely. Satan wanted to be like God, so he and his followers radically and permanently rejected their creator. It is their irreversible choice, and not a flaw, that makes this unforgivable. Evil did not come into the world from something “that is pure goodness” but from Satan’s choice to reject the goodness of God’s reign, and from seeing himself like God. Since God is all-good then we can correctly assume that everything that God does, and that all his laws are also completely good. Therefore to do something against God’s laws is evil. Evil is more than doing something that would hurt another person, but doing something that God said not to do (or inversely not doing something that God said to do).