Friday, August 1, 2008

Copying Schoolwork

Q: I’m sort of smart and everyone wants to copy off of my homework. Most of the people who ask to copy are my friends. Just recently, I typed up my notes to study for my finals. It took me more than an hour. This girl asked me if she could run them off. I said yes. She ended up running off my notes for at least half of my class. That made me so mad. I spent a lot of my time on that, while everyone else just watched TV, talked on the phone, went shopping, etc. I really don’t think that’s fair!

What I want to know is how to tell people they can’t copy in a nice, considerate way without hurting their feelings or making them mad at me. Help!

A: It is not fair for others to count on you to do their work for them. I think it is best for you to explain your position and stand firm. People may tell you a sob story as to why they couldn't get something done, or give you an excuse as to why they didn't prepare their own study material, but you don’t need to let others benefit off of your time and efforts spent on academics. Tell them that you were taken advantage of last time with your notes getting spread among everyone and you don’t feel comfortable being put in that situation again.