Friday, August 8, 2008

Dating and Atheism

Q: I just recently ended a relationship with an atheist. While we were dating, I totally felt like I could convince him that Catholicism is wonderful. Instead, I feel like I’ve offended God. Was I wrong for going out with my atheist boyfriend?

A: I’ve actually been there and tried it. The problem with a relationship like this is that the other person may be willing to listen to your ideas about Catholicism, but will not come to see the love of God the way he or she should, not to mention the “love” that they feel for you. He will instead have a worldly perspective on the whole thing, and this is very dangerous, especially at a young age. I know that it seems like a good idea at the time, and you feel like you will be able to bring a person to Catholicism through this, but I strongly recommend a different approach. As hard as it might be, keep the relationship strictly on a friendship level. Share your faith and beliefs with the other person, and allow him to know the true love of Christ and what love is really all about. The person after some time will hopefully have a true personal relationship with God, and then it would be much more appropriate to get into a romantic relationship.