Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is Addiction a Sin

Q: If someone is addicted to drugs, are they responsible for their actions? Is it a sin to get addicted?

A: Yes and no. Yes, it is a sin to get addicted because before you start using drugs you know doing drugs is morally wrong and that you could hurt yourself or someone else. You also know there is the chance that you could get addicted.

No, you’re not entirely responsible for your actions because when you get addicted you are so irrational and irresponsible that you can’t always do the right thing. That’s why people say don’t even get into drugs, because once you get in its hard to get out. So you are responsible for your actions beforehand, because you know that you can turn uncontrollable. But once addicted, you have no self control and you will probably need someone else’s help to break that addiction. However this does not mean you don’t know wrong from right. Sometimes you can tell wrong from right, but you choose not to do right. That kind of thing is sinful. But if you are not able to think and choose clearly, denying every wrong or right thing, that’s when it is not sinful.