Monday, November 24, 2008

I Hate Religion

Q: I’m not a bigot or anything, I just hate religion and I think it is just like a drug. Every time I see someone wearing a cross around their neck, I want to jump up and tell them to get real. What should I do?

A: I would not suggest jumping up and challenging their beliefs, even though you would like to. The best way to handle a difference of opinion with someone is in a discussion. And the best way to have an effective discussion is to know the other person’s side. I think you should investigate further into why those people are wearing crosses. In this process you will be able to discover the reasons for their display. This will help you better express your own position. Don’t look simply at the surface; look into the depths of what they believe.

Anyone can make an attack at someone for his or her beliefs. It takes a wiser person to examine the other person’s position, to educate themselves about new ways and choose the best course for himself or herself. Another possibility is to look inward and examine why you feel the way you do. Look into why you hate religion, and research it more. I think the best way to move forward in anything is to first examine oneself, take the information, turn that knowledge into action, and grow.