Thursday, December 4, 2008


My name is Catherine, but many of my friends call me Cat. I am fifteen-years old, and am the eldest of six children. I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; my family moved to Michigan when I was three. I live in the country on eight acres of land. I have been raised Catholic all of my life. I enjoy growing more deeply in knowledge about my Catholic faith, and am always striving to try to love God more and to fully give my life to Him. I am the treasurer of the pro-life club I am in, and am active in the pro-life ministry. I enjoy playing three instruments: piano, bass guitar, and guitar. I enjoy singing with my dad when we do the music for Mass. I love listening to music, mainly alternative metal and symphonic metal, though my genre tastes are very diverse. As my family can attest to, one of my main passions is spending hours on the Internet, to blog and chat mostly. I am a book worm; I could read books all day if I had the time and if it was healthy to do so. My learning interests right now are writing, philosophy, theology, history, and Latin. I would like to attend Franciscan University of Steubenville when the time comes for college.