Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why Purgatory

Q: If Jesus died on the cross for our sins then why would we have to go to purgatory?

A: When we die we will go straight to one of three places, those who die without repentance will go to hell, those who die in God’s grace and friendship but have sinned will go to purgatory, and then others like the elect, saints, and those who have never sinned like Mary or babies will go straight to heaven. Purgatory is important because, “nothing unclean shall enter it [heaven].” (Rev. 21:27)

Jesus died for our sins so that we may be with Him in heaven but we still must be made clean of any venial sin and/or the stain of mortal sin. After purgatory, we will be completely free from sin and have absolutely no familiarity with it whatsoever. It’s only logical that we would go through some sort of purification before entering heaven. Purgatory is that purification and before Jesus’ death I don’t think purgatory even existed since no one could enter heaven.