Monday, March 9, 2009

Confused About Being Catholic

Q: I have been really confused lately and thinking about God. I am a Catholic but I never went to church or CCD. Why does everyone have to live under one person? I don’t think that is very fair. I don’t think I’m an atheist or anything, but I just don’t think I believe.

A: Let me give you an analogy. Millions of people live in our country and we need a leader, or else there would be total chaos. So, we live under the president, but we’re still free. He’s not here to dictate every last thing we do, but to keep everything from going into disarray, to lay down the law. He is the one serving us, but then even the president is following the example of someone else: the founding fathers, the ones that made this country, who wrote the Declaration of Independence, and sacrificed everything for our freedom.

All this is an example of something greater, much greater. The pope is here to lead us, to lay down the law. He is God’s servant here to serve us. And God, He is the one who created us, the earth, everything, He wrote all of creation itself. He gave up his “only begotten son” Jesus, so as to free us from sin, and Jesus; He is the perfect example of who and what we should be.

You’re right though, it is unfair – unfair to God. He has given us everything, and yet we go and break God’s laws, dishonor Him again and again; we murdered His Son. It would be just if He were to utterly destroy us, but God is loving and kind, our God is a God of second chances.