Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hey, peoples, I'm Martha. Soon to be sixteen, I've spent my whole life in a small town in Michigan, homeschooled, and Catholic. I'm the seventh of a harmony-type family of nine kids, the eldest four being half siblings, and the latest two being adopted (and adorable). I am completely in love with my God and my faith, but I must admit I wasn't always too taken with the Catholic ways. Until about two years ago, in fact, I was extremely bored with my life. Religion especially. But the summer after I turned thirteen I attended a Catholic youth conference in Steubinville, OH, and it literally changed my life forever. I've since delved, fascinated, into the Catholic faith and learned so much and I still want to know so much more ... Whenever I can. My days are mostly filled with entertaining a four year old and two-and-a-half year old trouble team. Fitting in school work, piano practice, and singing takes most of my time, but I always seem to find space for having fun, and most importantly, God. I hope to learn to become a dog trainer as a part time career and tentatively plan on GVSU for college, but mostly I want to get married to the man God has chosen for me and raise my own kids in a Catholic, homeschooled environment. These are just ideas, though. I'm going to try to let God guide my life the way He wants it to go. I only pray and hope I have the strength to trust Him that completely.