Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Review: Red, Innocence & Instinct

Red: Innocence & Instinct
review by Lorraine

The Christian Metal band, Red, recently released their newest album, Innocence & Instinct. They take us down a road similar to that of their previous album, End of Silence, with catchy minor guitar riffs, raw and sometimes gentler vocals. Each of the songs has a deep message beneath the hard-rock exterior. Death of Me is the opening track and starts the album off at a fast, loud pace. On Never Be the Same, things slow down a bit and Red presents a more reflective song to their listeners.

And here’s my two-cents about the album: I like it equally, if not more than End of Silence, so people who are already fans of Red will not be disappointed. After I get my hands on this album, it will be one much listened to!