Thursday, February 26, 2009

Review: The Light of Eidon

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The Light of Eidon by Karen Hancock
review by Lorraine

In this allegorical novel published by Bethany House, Hancock takes her readers into a world of supernatural powers and lands that are far from peaceful. Abramm Kalladorne, fifth son of the King of Kiriath, has spent the last eight years of his life as an acolyte in the Mataian Order, preparing for the day when he will touch and tend the Sacred Flames of Eidon. He expects to be rewarded and blessed for his sacrifices; instead, he finds himself being swept on the unruly winds of life towards another destiny. Betrayed by his spiritual mentor and sold into slavery by his brothers, Abramm is soon fighting in the gladiatorial games in distant Eshur along with his companion, Eltrap Meridon.

Amidst the clash of swords, swirl of cloaks and visits to exotic palaces, majestic temples and slaving in a galley ship, Abramm's previously held convictions are turned upside-down, revealing an entirely new perspective on life which he could never have imagined.

The Light of Eidon, first book in the epic Legends of the Guardian-King series, is one of my personal favorites. While the outside glimmers with swordplay, beautiful princesses and mysterious magical happenings – the normal packaging of fantasy novels; beneath are Christian principals and a portrayal of the soul's quest for something more than what earthly pleasures have to give.