Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Smoking Weed to Look Cool

Q: I was just wondering if you ever did stuff to look cool in front of people or to fit in or be accepted? Stuff like drugs, beer, and smoking cigarettes. Also, what are your opinions on trying that stuff? Like if you’re curious about smoking weed, do you think you should try it or just stay away from it?

A: I guess the thing that really turned me off to weed and drinking is when I took a psychology class my first semester of college and found out what they do to you. Weed messes up your brain cells from the first time you try it, and alcohol can do many bad things to you as well, like lower inhibition levels. I never smoked weed or drank and after finding out all of that I never want to!

Another thing to remember is that we are created in God’s image. Our bodies are literally “temples of the Holy Spirit.” Our bodies are good and should be respected. (CCC, 364) We shouldn’t damage them with recreational drugs.

When it comes to pressure from your friends about doing these things, you need to remember that if they are not going to respect you for not doing it, then they are not really your friends. Besides, you can set an awesome example by not doing it.