Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Material Stuff vs. God

Q: My parents and their friends seem to be really into all the stuff they own. I mean, I don’t mind living in a real nice house and driving a cool car, but it just seems like they put too much importance on material stuff. Does God want us to be rich or should we give it all away?

A: Start by concentrating on yourself. How much importance do you place on your material possessions? Are you a good example to others? Even though you’re just a kid, your example can make a big impact.

How much should we give away depends on how much we have. Some people believe that God asks us to give 10% of what we have. This is called tithing. An example in the Bible is in Genesis 14:20b, “And Abram gave him a tenth of everything.” Other examples can be found in Genesis 28:20-23 and 1 Samuel 8:15-17.

The important thing is to figure out if we place our material wealth before God. Do you give with a free heart? Do you give at all? Are you sincere? All of the possessions we have now will be meaningless when we die.

One more word of advice, keep all labels off of your things. They are not of enough importance and only encourage materialism.