Friday, January 9, 2009

Naked Guy in the Bible

Q: I was reading about the naked guy in the Garden of Gethsemane when they arrest Jesus, in Mark 14:51-52. What is the deal with that guy? Who is he? What was he doing there? And why is he naked? It’s just puzzling.

A: It is a confusing topic, and there are a few guesses out there as to what it means.

Some say that that verse might just be reporting what happened. Maybe there was just some guy who ran off naked. The types of clothes they wore in those days were a lot different from the ones we wear now, they were more like cloaks or coats, so it isn’t that odd that the guy would just slip out of his cloak to get away.

Others say that it symbolizes detachment in that we can only escape the clutches of the enemy if we’re prepared to leave everything behind. And still others say that the apostle Mark is the guy in the garden.

Whatever the reason, it sure does make for interesting reading!