Friday, September 19, 2008

Catholicism and the Paranormal

Q: Could you tell me what the Catholic position is on contacting the dead, astrology, astroprojection, seeing angels in your room, using crystals that have positive energy, and ouija boards? I have a friend into this stuff and I told him not to do it or at least to be careful.

A: Contacting the dead, astrology, astroprojection, using crystals that have positive energy, and ouija boards are very real and very dangerous. They seem harmless, but evil spirits are real and we do come across them in the real world. Satan has many ways and tools to get to us, and most of them do appear harmless. They are purposefully designed that way, and many people are drawn into things like these because they seem so harmless. It can be hard to explain to a friend how they could be dangerous if he doesn’t believe that they’re real, or doesn’t believe in spirits. People will often intuitively feel that something is not right about it, and might just need you to say something to the affect of “Why play with fire like that? I know you don’t think it’s real or dangerous, but it’s safer not to mess around with it at all.”