Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Treasures of the Vatican

Q: The Vatican has so many treasures it has collected throughout the years. With all these treasures, why not sell them and help the poor ten times over, instead of hoarding them?

A: Well, I wouldn’t say that it is hoarding. The treasures that the Vatican owns are incredibly old and have a significant meaning to us as Catholics and as human beings. Their beauty helps to lift our hearts and minds to heaven. These treasures have survived wars and other things that have happened throughout the years. It is important for the Vatican to preserve these treasures, so that the next generations can have these historical artifacts to learn more about our Catholic faith and our culture. Many of these treasures were gifts given to the Vatican for safekeeping and display. They are there for everyone to enjoy. At the same time, the Church does help the poor in many, many ways. They are a leader in helping those in need.