Monday, September 8, 2008

Mary As Role Model

Q: So what makes Mary so special? Isn’t she human just like you and me? Shouldn’t we be looking to Jesus for a role model instead of Mary?

A. There are a lot of reasons why Mary is special. Mary is Queen of Heaven, and protects us from evil. Through praying the holy rosary and wearing the scapular she can help us with our salvation. This is her mission, as Mother of the Universe, to protect and guide everyone. It is very important to have a relationship with your heavenly mother. She knows what you need and how to help you. Unlike our earthly mothers, she will never run out of patience. Mary’s patience is one thing that we can try to follow. That alone is a good reason to take her as a role model. We can also follow her in obedience to God. She could not have been more obedient and we should strive for that. There are many other things that we can look for to Mary. Mary and Jesus have what we need. Mary is only human like us, but she was sinless during her whole life as was Jesus, and we sin everyday. Take both for role models, and give your best to follow their example.