Monday, May 24, 2010

Teen Summer: What to Do, What to Avoid

Q: What do teenagers do during the summer? I was hoping maybe you could give me a few hints as to what I should be looking for and what to avoid. A little advice would go a long way right now. Thank you in advance.

A: Well first off, I don’t think there’s any set activities that teens have to do during the summer! It really depends on the individual. I myself enjoy just hanging with friends, maybe at their house or the youth center in my town. I also enjoy the occasional game of tennis or golf, but that’s just me. I would say just do what you enjoy doing. Another tip is to get involved in your youth group, if your town or parish has an active one. They’ll certainly give you more ways to spend your time.

As for what you should avoid, I could say the obvious (drinking, drugs, etc.), but that would be of little use to you. Avoid relationships that aren’t genuine. By that I mean don’t lower your standards just to make more “friends”. It’s a mistake I’ve seen plenty of people make, and it always leads to that individual feeling used, unloved, and depressed. This is the type of “friend” that leads people to making bad decisions like the ones I listed above. Make sure you have friends that will stay with you no matter what, help you in your times of need, and most importantly respect you for who you are. I am fortunate enough to have such friends, and believe me, it’s the only way to go. They make it difficult for me to ever not find anything to do during the summer!

Enjoy your summer!